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Jared Leto in “Hurricane”

Jared Leto is a well known American actor and musician that has become quite the hype once again. With the release of his new music video by 30 Seconds To Mars titled Hurricane. This wild video features the handsome actor/musician in a pornographic light. Check it out today to see all the goods yourself.

Jared to model for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss might have been the company that designed the uniforms of the Nazsis, but in the past couple of decades they have really made a point of cleaning up their image.  That’s why they have picked our favorite rockstar/movie star/dream boat Jared Leto to be the new model to represent their company. He will be replacing fellow movie star Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the role, who apparently was dropped from the designer label for being too much trouble. (alcohol will do that to you)

Anyways, kudos to Jared for making it big!